Pingdu Construction Safety and Work Places Health Research Seminar

Beijing/Pingdu, Jun 25th, 2013 - White Peak hosted a seminar regarding the developments of various aspects of construction safety and work place health research. The event was attended by over 500 people from various government departments as well as real estate developers.

Pingdu local government was represented by Mr. Zhao-xian Yang, the mayor of Pingdu city, Mr. Ping Ni, the general director of the Construction Bureau of Pingdu, as well as the governors from the Construction Bureau, the Urban Planning Bureau and the Urban Management Bureau.

Professor Dong-ping Fang, director of Engineering and Water Resources Institute of Tsinghua University, director of (Tsinghua-Gammon) Construction Safety Research Center, as well as the consultant of construction safety and health of White Peak gave the key note speech.

Professor Fang discussed the relationship between real estate development and urbanization, he explained how to improve the safety level of the construction industry, and emphasized the significance and value of construction safety and health. The seminar was much appreciated and will contribute to White Peak’s quest of continually raising the bar of health and safety.

After the seminar, Professor Fang exhibited the construction site of Ruiping Centre. He explained the site management, the construction technology and process and the construction quality of Ruiping Centre. The site he concluded is a prime example of how health and safety consciousness can add great value to a project.