London Gardens: Where a Splendid Victoria Villa and Twin Rivers Culture Exhibition Dazzling

Beijing/Linyi, May 11th, 2013 – May 11th 2013, in a picturesque city—Linyi, pervaded by luscious daisy and willows, and sweet smell from river in early summer, curtains were raised for a villa and twin rivers historical exhibition. With melody floating in the air, Linyi company of WPREI prepared and launched this delicate gathering to connect history and culture of London Gardens, an orthodoxy British villa in North China, in terms of timeline, location, branding and products. At 9:30, Mr. Jesper Jos Olsson, the CEO of this fledging company founded 6 years ago, accompanied by his executive team members: Mr. Jacob De Geer (Branding Director), Mr. Li Changyuan (Regional General Manager), Mr. Zhang Yilong (Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing of Linyi), as well as the architect of Haskoll, Mr. Gareth Hardy presented and hosted the event.